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JKer Pte Ltd was registered in year 2011.
The mission of JKer Pte Ltd is to bring out the JOY inside each individual’s heart through achieving good physical health, positive empowering mindset, which will lead to honorable relationships and great financial wealth and also attaining spiritual revelations and enlightenment.

JKer Pte Ltd distributes and retail wellness products, which include wholesome organic nutritional foods and supplements, Kangen Water machines, domestic Hokkaido mineral spa shower and beauty care products.

JKer Pte Ltd is one of the leading global independent distributors of Enagic Corporation that manufactures hospital medical devices and promotes medical-grade ionized drinking water… Kangen Water.

JKer Pte Ltd believes in on-going learning. We agree that correct knowledge allows people to make wise decisions. We invest time in educating all business partners, staff, clients and consumers on our expert field and individual’s personal development.

Individually, our founder, Jacklyn Ker, is an independent distributor of E.Excel International for more than 20 years. Her achievement as a Jade Ambassador of E.Excel Singapore indicates her professionalism in the wellness industry. She is focused and passionate on the well being of all the people she has the privilege to come in contact with. 

Jacklyn is also a certified licensed trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with Richard Bandler under the Society of NLP (USA). This credential gives her the extra edge to provide professional guidance as a wellness coach.


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