Dear Jac, I have always been impressed with your knowledge on health matters.

Recently, when you took extra effort to introduce your knowledge on quality of drinking water at our home. After presentation, I was shock to discover about myself, that means, “what I did not know about good drinking water.”

From the demonstration, I cam feel your passion and confidence. The method and explanation was “simple and easy to understand” especially for my kids.

Another shocking discovery, the water we have been drinking from our filter system for many years is acidic. We decided instantly to purchase the Kangen Alkaline Water System.

For several days, My domestic helper who has been experiencing “sore throat and feeling sick” almost recovered the next day after consuming the Kangen water. The water was kindly brought along to my house by Jacklyn.

I am very happy to announce that the Kangen water system is in my home. I will encourage those who are interested in improving health and better well being for their families to test this system

Keep up with the good work.