Peter Goh says…

Jacklyn is very committed as a wellness consultant after having lost much of her health in her youth. She did a terrific job in getting me to take better care of my health. I find her very sensitive to my health needs.


Cai Junhao says…

Jacklyn has been a great friend and mentor to me. She is sincere in promoting nutritional immunology and shared with people how it had helped her tremendously. She shares this knowledge with zest and I have learnt a great deal from her.

She has taught me a lot and as a result, my own health has improved after consuming her all-natural E.Excel products. I have also learnt how to better take care of my body and have fallen sick less frequently.

Jacklyn is a person who provides me with lots of positive energy and motivation in life. She is kind and sincere, and willing to lend a helping hand to others.

I used to have flu and colds frequently, and used to rely on medicines to provide temporary relief. Ever since I started consuming Jacklyn’s recommended products, my immune system improved greatly.